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All volunteer opportunities have been filled and are now closed.

If you are still interested in volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Room 201 onsite at WE18.

WE18 Volunteers are SWE's most valued resource and are critical to the success of WE18. Remember that the individual volunteer experience, no matter how task-oriented, can lead to leadership positions in future years! Our positions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Discover the “inner workings” of how we run the conference!
  2. Meet new people!
  3. Receive registration credit with 3-4 hours of work!
  4. Have a pleasant and fun experience helping out our Local Minneapolis hosts, including two past presidents of SWE!

And remember that the individual volunteer experience, no matter how task oriented can lead to leadership positions in future years!

Our positions include, and are not limited to:

  • Ticket Takers
  • Tour Helpers
  • Session/Room/Meetup/Hospitality Suite Monitors
  • Career Fair Helpers
  • Information Desk Attendants

Please click here to sign up.

Thank you!  For any questions or technical issues, please contact conferencemanager@swe.org

Required Volunteer Training Resources

Info Guides
WE18 volunteers are required to review the below Info Guides that are specific to their roles. Guides can be found by volunteer position title at the bottom of this webpage.

  • What are they? These guide contains important information for all volunteers (volunteer room location, dress code, etc.), plus the procedures and expectations for each specific volunteer role
  • Recommended use: (1) Download and review before Volunteer Town Hall (2) Print out and bring to WE18.

Volunteer Town Halls
WE18 volunteers are required to participate in a Town Hall before WE18. Separate town halls will be held for Lead Volunteers and General Volunteers.

  • What are they? These virtual town halls are held for volunteers to interact with SWE staff and CAB Volunteer Leaders, in order to ask questions about their volunteer roles
  • Recommended use: (1) Read the WE18 Volunteer General Info Guide and your own role-specific Info Guide (2) Register for your town hall to ask any questions you have about the materials
  • How To Register: Click the links below to register for your Town Tall session.

List of Downloadable Info Guides