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Stokpic The WE18 official housing website is now open!

WE18 housing will be handled through our official vendor Experient-Inc.

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Hotel Booking Policies for WE18

Each year, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) blocks a large number of hotel rooms to accommodate our attendees and exhibitors. SWE takes on this large financial risk in order to ensure that attendees will have sleeping rooms during the week of the conference. Most large hotel bookings occur approximately 5 years in advance of a large annual conference–this is a standard industry practice.

SWE solicits the help of a housing partner in order to manage this sizable housing block.

When rooms are not paid for or double booked and then dropped (or only partially used), SWE receives a bill from each hotel and must pay for these unused rooms. It also creates an issue for members looking to book rooms inside the block if the block appears to be full.

Therefore, SWE put policies in place to:

  1. Ensure as many attendees as possible can have access to SWE’s housing block and reserve a place to stay during the conference at a reasonable price point.
  2. Promote fairness in assigning rooms and accepting room reservations.
  3. Minimize risk to both the Society and attendees.
  4. Keep competitive and/or best available rates in cities that demand high room prices.

The normal and usual policies are as follows:
1-9 Rooms reserved by either individual attendees or exhibitors

  • At the time of booking, a credit card must be provided as a guarantee for each room booked. This means that housing will require your credit card at the time the reservation is made, but the charge is not made immediately.
  • By July 19, 2018, all rooms booked by housing must be finalized in order to prevent a one-night penalty. Partial adjustments can be accommodated at the discretion of the housing firm, and names are allowed to be changed.
  • Room charges are made to the card in early September when the room list is turned over to the hotel.
  • Once the block is assigned to the hotel, any full cancellation will be charged one night’s deposit as a penalty. This will occur approximately 30 days before conference to the last day of conference. The hotel and housing firm will work together to collect information on cancellations and unused rooms.

WE18 Attendee Portal Registration and Housing
You will see an improvement at the registration portals. For your convenience, registration and housing websites have merged into one portal to make the overall experience more convenient to our attendees.

However, this does require attendees to be registered for WE18 before a hotel booking can be completed. Registration cannot be bypassed and both registration payment (charged immediately) and credit card guarantee (deposit charged in September 2018) must be finished before registration and hotel booking is acknowledged. This policy simplifies the registration process and avoids any duplication of registration or housing records.

Each attendee should see an immediate booking and registration combination. Please check the confirmation, hotel, events, and cancellation policies carefully to ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines.

Exhibitor blocks 10 and above

  • All blocks of rooms are requested by the exhibitor via website. The exhibitor promises to fulfill 85% of the block requested.
  • Note that the primary exhibitor is required to register for the conference as an exhibitor registration. The remainder of exhibitor full or career fair only registrations must be completed at the exhibitor portal to match blocked sleeping rooms by July 19, 2018. 'Once the block is fulfilled (confirmed), the exhibitor must guarantee the block with credit card (or multiple credit cards).
  • July 11, 2018 is the last day to request a block of 10 or more rooms.
  • On July 19, 2018, all names must be reported and the final block guaranteed. Note that the final room request should be at least 85% of the original request to avoid penalty charges as stated on the housing website. Additionally, any rooms not assigned will be released on this date.
  • After July 19, 2018: A cancellation fee of $300 per room will apply to each room cancelled. This charge will be made by the housing firm.
  • On or before September 20, 2018, no further name and date changes can be made with housing.
  • All reservations are processed and transferred to the hotels and deposits are collected.
  • Name or date changes must be made from exhibitor to the hotel directly.
  • Any cancelled rooms will be charged to the attendees as a penalty of one night’s reservation charge per each reservation cancelled and reported to the housing company.

Questions? Contact conferencemanager@swe.org

Chevanon PhotographyReminder: Housing Pirate Warning

Each year, housing pirates contact our attendees and exhibitors about booking hotel rooms, which results in confusion, revenue loss, and inconvenience to our registrants. Please do not respond to these calls. Our only housing firm is Experient-Inc. and they will NOT contact you unless responding to an inquiry.

Some traditional pirate company offenders are:

  •         Global Expo - (888-304-4350)
  •         Event Travel Planners – reservations@eventtravelplanners.com
  •         Expo Housing Services – (866-319-3976)
  •         Exhibitors Housing Management – (800-600-4513)
  •         Exhibitors Housing Services – (800-217-4402)
  •         Corporate Booking Services – (CBS Inc.)
  •         Global Travel Partners
  •         TravelEra – (800-348-5816)
  •         Convention Housing Authority
  •         Global Housing Services Corporation
  •         National Travel Associates

Questions? Contact conferencemanager@swe.org